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About Karen

I started rearranging furniture at the age of 5. I redecorated every room in my mother's house and was the one to fix or build a new piece furniture. Friends and relatives are always asking my advice as they've seen the many projects in my own home. 

After a career in marketing, I left to pursue my real passion, design. Working with clients as a Design Consultant cemented my decision to fully commit to Interior Design.

As a single mother on a modest budget, I’ve learned to make small changes and do affordable projects on my own. I love following new design trends and the social media influencers with beautiful homes, but a lot of that design can feel unattainable and out of reach for many people. I enjoy showing people how they can make small changes that have a big impact on their home and how they feel about their space.

I notice my friends who are too exhausted from work and life, too overwhelmed by all of the options in making design decisions, to then take on another project. Using my services allows you to hand the project off to me and let me help you make your home a place that feels cozy, warm and yours. I do the work, find the right paint colors and you just have to click the options. You deserve to have a home that makes you feel good without having the headache and stress. Reach out to me today and let’s make your home feel cozy and beautiful!

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